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BlueIsolationTankFloatation Tanks (also known as Isolation Tanks or Sensory Deprivation Tanks) are designed to create a condition which is ideal for the relaxation and rejuvenation of the Mind/Body. Research shows that the effects of a float session are equivalent to eight hours of deep sleep, making it one of the most efficient and comprehensive relaxation techniques available.

A Floatation Tank is an enclosed structure which diminishes light and sound. Each tank holds 10 inches of water with 800 lbs. of dissolved Epsom Salts, which enable a person to float effortlessly. The water is heated to an average skin temperature (93.5F) which reduces the sensation between body and water. The tanks are fully ventilated and the water/salt solution is sterilized after each use using a combined system of ozone, concentrated hydrogen peroxide and diatomite earth filters.


Benefits of Floating

  • Reduction of tension caused by stress and anxiety
  • Increased ability to visualize, create, imagine and problem-solve
  • Spontaneous reduction in or the elimination of habits, i.e. smoking
  • Increase in the minds powers of retention, comprehension and original thinking
  • Peak-performance enhancement, i.e. athletic, creative, mental
  • Recovery from stress of peak output and virtual elimination of fatigue and “post-race letdown”